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We carry a large stock of used role-playing game items. While we try to keep our selection diverse, it is subject to the availability of items when they are traded in to us. Our trade-in hours are Noon to 4pm on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


For Sale

Our pricing of used items typically follows these guidelines:

  • Hardcover and perfectbound books are half-off the cover price

  • Paperback modules are $10

  • Magazines are $2

  • Box sets are priced individually based on completeness, condition, and rarity.


There may be exceptions to all of these prices depending on condition or demand for a particular item.


Trading In

If you're looking to downsize your collection, we'd be happy to take a look. Please be aware of our trade-in policy:

  • We only evaluate and purchase items during our trade-in hours. (See above)

  • We accept used role-playing games and related books.

  • We do not accept trade-ins for board games, miniatures, or card games.

  • We do not accept trade-ins for items that are still in print.

  • We will pay based on the amount for which we will sell the item. For cash, we offer 40% of our sale price. For store credit, we offer 50%. (See sale prices above)

  • Very unique or exceptional items will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • We do not haggle on these prices.

  • We may decline to purchase items if we do not believe there to be enough demand for a particular item in our area. This doesn't mean there's no market for your item, but there may not be one locally at the time.


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