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THE WYVERN'S CUP 2016 Formula D Championship

Welcome to the The Wyvern’s Cup Formula D Championship. The series will take place over the course of eight races played on weekends throughout the summer. Both drivers and constructors (teams) will compete to be the best!




Entry will be permitted to five constructors. Constructors will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis. After we receive applications from five constructors, entry will be closed.


A constructor will have one Team Principal, responsible for managing the team, scheduling, and coordinating with the race stewards. Each constructor may sign an unlimited number of drivers. However, a constructor may only field two drivers per race. A Team Principal may be, but is not required to be, a driver for their team.


Entry fee will be $30 per constructor for the whole race season.




Each driver will receive points based on their standings at the end of a race. These points will be tallied to compute their standings in the overall Drivers’ Championship, and a champion will be determined at the end of the race season.

Each constructor will receive points for each of their drivers at the end of a race. These points will be tallied to compute their standings in the overall Constructors’ Championship, and a champion will be determined at the end of the race season.

Drivers and Cars


Drivers must be signed up to a team. An unlimited number of drivers may be signed up for the championship. However, only ten drivers may compete in each race and only two from each constructor. It is up to each constructor and their Team Principal to decide which of their drivers to field for each race. 


At the beginning of the season, each driver must submit their car configuration. Drivers will be permitted to alter this configuration twice during the season, and may do so before the start of qualifying of any race. After qualification, the car will be considered in parc ferme and cannot be altered.


Race Day


Each race day will consist of registration, qualifying, the race, and a podium ceremony.


Registration - 12:00 pm

Each constructor will submit their drivers for the day's race and notify the stewards of any change to a car's configuration, if allowed.


Qualifying - 1:00 pm

Qualifying will occur before each race using the stopwatch method in the advanced rules. Placement on the starting grid will be determined by the fastest times to the slowest.


If a driver is not available for qualifying, the constructor will have to field another driver. If they have no other driver, the slot will remain empty. If a driver arrives too late to qualify but before the start of the race, they will be given the last slot on the grid.


Main Race - 2:00 pm

The race will begin at 2:00pm and will continue until finished, ideally not lasting longer than two hours. Each race will be a complete three laps of the circuit. Each driver will be required to pit at least once.


Podium Ceremony - 4:00 pm

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place drivers as well as the best constructor of the day will be recognized for their achievement.



At the end of the race season, the points standings will be used to determine prizes. The winner of the Driver's Championship will be awarded a trophy, and the runner-up will be awarded a medal. The winner of the Constructor's Championship will be awarded $100 in gift cards to be distributed among their drivers.


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