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Scarefest 3!

AVL Scarefest is baaack!

For the third year since we graduated from our Wyvern’s Tale origins, we’ll be opening up the creepiest Halloween-themed tabletop gaming con in the region! And we’d love for you to come! This year’s event will be back at the beautiful Montreat Conference Center for the weekend of October 20-22. You can pick up either a full weekend pass, or just a day pass for one of the days at our website.

As in previous years, we will be offering a wide spread of RPGs, with lots of Pathfinder Society Organized Play (where we started) but also D&D, Dread, Ghostbusters, Fiasco, Cryptworld (run by its creator, Tim Snider!), Call of Cthulhu, DCC, and more! We will also be bringing back Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator, plus this year we are adding X-Wing to our list of offerings. You can see the full roster over on our Warhorn.

Also new this year, we are partnering with Well Played, North Carolina’s first board game café, based right here in Asheville! Well Played will be taking over managing our board games section, and will be running several tournaments and play-to-win games, along with being available to advise on any rules questions you might have.

What’s not new is that we are once again putting up a massive array of prizes to be won, thanks to our very generous sponsors. Among the (very) long list are included some stunning dice chests from Elderwood Academy and the infamous Demi-God Bundle from Skullsplitter dice (150 dice!).

A limited amount of lodging is still available, so that you don’t have to drive home each night (it can be reserved on our website), and everyone is welcome to join us for the set-up/pre-party on Thursday night. We look forward to sharing a weekend of spooky gaming with you all!

Amie Tracey is a regular at The Wyvern's Tale and the convention organizer for AVL Scarefest.

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