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With all the hype of new things coming out of Gen Con and new D&D releases in the pipeline, there's undoubtedly a number of items you're eagerly anticipating. With that in mind, we thought it'd be a good idea to remind you that you can in fact preorder items through us!

Here's a few guidelines:

•You do not pay for the item up front, you won't need to pay until you pick the item up

•Always place your preorders either in person or by telephone. We do check our email and social media but it's slower and it is very easy for things to slip through the cracks there. If you are in front of us or on the phone with us, you have our full attention and we will make sure your order gets on the order sheet.

•We can take a preorder for an item as soon as its announced, assuming it's an item that can be expected to hit retail channels. Kickstarter items and small press may not be available to us.

•Don't wait until the week of release to ask for your preorder. Our order allocations have already been locked in by that point and we cannot order more to cover both your order and the stock we need for the shelf.

•Similarly, we fully expect you to follow through with the purchase of any item you preorder, as we have allocated our order based on the assumption of a certain number of shelf stock plus our preorders.

•Unfortunately, we don't always know when an item will be released, sometimes finding out only a week or two before we will receive it. This varies by publisher, but we'll always give you as much information as we can.

•Sometimes there are bonuses for preorders through brick and mortar stores, so you may find it pays to order early and local!

Finally, if there's an item that comes out with regularity (magazines, LCG packs, adventure paths, etcetera) you can always set up a subscription with us and we'll be sure to always have a copy for you when it comes out.

Hopefully that gives you a clear picture of preordering through the store, so if there's something coming up that you've got your eye on, give us a call!

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