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Next weekend is Scarefest!

AVL Scarefest is happening next weekend and we are hoping that you all come join us! We started in 2013 as a Halloween-themed mini-con just for Pathfinder Society RPG in the upstairs gaming area of the Wyvern’s Tale, but Scarefest has grown both in size and in game variety, now hosting 20 different RPGs, several board game tournaments (and a wall of board games for playing at any time), several sessions of miniature-based war gaming, and many runs of Artemis spaceship bridge simulator.

New this year is a token system which allows all participants to enter prize drawings for an entire wall of awesome (and exceedingly geeky) prizes (you can take a gander at some of them here, and a Sunday morning “brunch” session designed to allow gamers to stop in and try out short versions of a bunch of games they may never have played before. Also, the Game Design and Simulation program at Blue Ridge Community College will have a table to demo both the board games and video games produced by its students, which means you can try out some amazing games not even out on the market, yet!

For its second year out of The Wyvern’s Tale “nest”, Scarefest will again be out at Montreat Conference Center, just outside of Black Mountain. Both day passes and weekend passes will be available for purchase on site, but can be bought in advance for only $12 and $20 respectively on our website . There are also meal tickets and lodging available, so that you don’t have to miss any games to go eat, and you don’t have to drive home late at night.

Amie Tracey is a regular at The Wyvern's Tale and the convention organizer for AVL Scarefest.

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