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Tabletop Day Schedule

Tabletop Day is one week away! We will have lots of demos, gaming, and prizes all day long, so be sure to come check it out. If you're interested in seeing what's happening when, be sure to check our schedule.

Board Game Demos

We'll be offering demos of games at set times throughout the day. Demos will be run as many times as possible within the slot and players join on a first come, first serve basis.


This party game is all about making up the funniest movie titles. We'll be running a contest all day to see whose title is the funniest and the winner will get to take a copy of the game home! Just stop by at any time to play and enter. Contest ends at 5pm, winner announced at 6pm.


Fiasco is a game of powerful ambition and poor impulse control and is a great, light RPG. No material or experience required. We'll be running one game of this for up to 5 players, so be sure to get there at 1pm if you'd like to play. Of course, others are free to start a second table if there's one open!

Dungeons & Dragons

We'll be running five 1-hour mini-adventures from the new D&D storyline Curse of Strahd. You can jump in to one of the mini-adventures or play all five. It's a great way to try out the game if you're brand new, too! Seats up to 7 players at once.

Savage Worlds

Fast! Furious! Fun! Try out the great pulp action RPG suited to any genre! This scenario uses The Last Parsec science fiction setting and can take up to 6 players.

Ghosts In the Machine

Peril at Station P-06! A few days ago, surface miners on a remote moon unearthed an extraordinarily old piece of alien tech, and tripped the colony's distress beacon when it reactivated. The Players have been assembled by JumpCorp to investigate the emergency.

Ticket To Ride Tournament

Compete to be our local Ticket To Ride champion! We can take up to 15 players in this, but be sure to sign up ahead of time if you plan to play. We will have prizes up for grabs!

Open Gaming

If a table is open and you see idle gamers, grab a game and start something up! Feel free to bring your own or use our in-house demo library.

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