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Happy Game Master's Day!

March Fo(u)rth for GM's—today is Game Master's Day! Today we honor all the amazing people who put in so much time and energy to give us wonderful worlds and adventures to explore. Being a good GM is more work than most realize, so if you have someone to run fantastic games for you, send them a thank you!

If you really want to brighten their day, show your gratitude with a gift. Here are some great gift ideas available in the store right now:

  • A GM screen for their favorite system, or a snazzy customizable one for any system.

  • Some Pathfinder flip-mats to enhance their dungeon maps.

  • D&D or Pathfinder miniatures from Wizkids (GM's love new monsters for you to fight).

  • NPC cards for Star Wars Roleplaying by Fantasy Flight Games—a great way to lessen a GM's prep time.

  • A critical hit deck for Pathfinder or any other fantasy RPG..

  • Combat Description Cards suitable for spicing up combat in any roleplaying system

  • A d50 and a book of fifty fantastic uses (many of which will make players cringe)

  • The brand new Curse of Strahd adventure for D&D. Better yet, offer to run it for them to play in as your next campaign!

And plenty of other goodies to thank your favorite Game Master!

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