June 6, 2016

Summer is here and lots of exciting things to do will be coming soon. Here are a couple of events we have this month.


Free RPG Day — June 18th


We celebrate Free RPG Day  every year and it's always a special day for us, because it's the day we first opened our doors. Th...

April 4, 2016


There's something new at The Wyvern's Tale! And by new, we mean old. Because we're now stocking used role-playing games! We're happy to kick off with a fantastic selection. Here's some of what we've got:


  • D&D Basic modules

  • AD&D 1st/2nd rulebooks and modules

  • ...

March 24, 2016



International Tabletop Day is coming! April 30th, we will be celebrating all manner of tabletop games all day long. Lots of role-playing games get a chance to shine at The Wyvern's Tale, so for Tabletop Day, we like to focus on board games and lighter RPGs. We'll als...

March 4, 2016

March Fo(u)rth for GM's—today is Game Master's Day! Today we honor all the amazing people who put in so much time and energy to give us wonderful worlds and adventures to explore. Being a good GM is more work than most realize, so if you have someone to run fantastic g...

February 29, 2016

This article originally appeared on Skyland Games.



The hunt is on! The past few Sundays I’ve organized an open Star Wars Edge of the Empire game at The Wyvern’s Tale. The theme is that the PCs are guild bounty hunters (regardless of mechanical career or specializat...

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